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It’s been fun, but for now adieu December 31, 2010

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In response to my life changes, I have decided to put this blog on hold for a while. It is now fully archived.

Thank you to everyone who, looked, listened and commented.

Please come see my business blog at intentionalglass.com

This week in Review November 7, 2010

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Five things (more or less) that were good in the last 7 days

  1. I baked (with the help of a great recipe and some amazing cooks) and sold 60+ apple pies with the proceeds going to the daughter’s school .
  2. I voted.
  3. The husband was home and did dishes on a Saturday.
  4. There were snuggles and hugs from the little dude.
  5. The struggle to get to coffee break was less, and the reward of fellowship was great.

Eye Candy Friday August 20, 2010

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Three Years August 7, 2010

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photo credit: Temari 09 via flickr

Three years ago I started this blog.  When it started it was a blog about knitting and spinning and fiber-y things.  It is changing, which is part of the whole blogging experience.

Today I am at a crossroad.  I need to start something new.  I want the blog to become a sandbox for ideas. Lets see what the next year has in store.


Tackling the Mantle August 3, 2010

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Tackle It Tuesday Meme

There are two problems with the mantle

1. It is a horizontal surface that tends to collect things

2. I have lots of kitsch that I enjoy displaying.

So I have come up with a solution that I hope will solve both problems and give me a more dust free mantle in the process: Seasonal decorating.  I already do this with Christmas, but if I do it with the other seasons as well then the mantle will get cleaned off at least 4 times a year.

I totally cleaned off the mantle

Then I just put back those few things that I want currently.

It looks like twice the amount of stuff due to the big mirror.  Then I took 4 boxes labeled them Spring, Summer, Winter, Spring and divided the rest of the kitsch accordingly and stored them in a closet.  Some of the other things, like my knitting needles went to a new shelf, where they are still available but off the mantle.  I did not really purge a whole lot – there were some papers that were thrown out but all in all I am happy with my solution to this super cluttered space.

Clearing out Clutter one thing at a time.

Brought to you by the letter M July 28, 2010

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Today’s tackle is brought to you by the letter M

Today was about

  • Mowing
  • Mailing

With all the refreshing rain the grass has been growing like crazy.  We had two days of dry.  The weather forecast was hot, humid with a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon.  This meant I had to do it all, all at once.  So I took two hours and mowed, and mowed, and mowed.

In the afternoon I needed to get together my books to mail out.  Sorting, printing invoices, and enveloping the books.  I had a lot more sell than I expected.  There is something satisfying about a stack of envelopes ready to go to the post office.

Clearing out clutter one thing at a time

Credits: Drop Cap by Daily Drop Cap, Grass photo by zevotron via Flickr

Tackling a bookcase July 26, 2010

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Today was not as spectacular as I had hoped, yet it was even more productive than I thought.

My plan:

To work on the downstairs including a bookcase and mantle in the morning, then clean out my bedroom closet in the afternoon.  I got as far as the bookcase.


A big part of this tackle was the weeding of the books (as my librarian sister-in-law would say).  I purged – and listed on Amazon’s marketplace – over 100 books today – that was the amazing productivity.  I still have 2 stacks waiting to be put in.  I have used Amazon for a couple of years now and would highly recommend this as a way to get rid of books.  They don’t all leave at once, but this is the best money I can get.  The books will go into a box that is guarding the fireplace from my little dude.  So it will serve a purpose while they wait to be purchased.  If they are not purchased by next spring I will donate them to a local book sale that happens every fall.


Clearing out clutter one hundred things at a time.

A week of tackles July 26, 2010

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It has been a really long while since I posted a Tackle it Tuesday.

This week is going to be a week of tackles.  A focus clean for 6 days (hey, even God took a rest on the seventh).   I will be posting regularly throughout the week documenting progress.

Join me!

What project are you tackling this week?

Photo credit: aa7ae via flickr

Just Thinking July 20, 2010

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have been largely absent of late. That is because I have been doing some thinking about what I want this blog to be when it grows up. In the coming days I will share my musings, but for now know I have not forgotten this lovey little blog.

Eye Candy Friday July 16, 2010

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