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100 Things About Me

Still a work in progress, but there will be 100 when I am finished

In no particular order:

1. I am a mother.

2. I am a teacher.

3. I knit

4. I love to read stories with happy endings.

5. I wish I could realize the pictures in my head better.

6. I like cheddar cheese on pears and peanut butter sandwiches with chili.

7. I have visited Canada, Korea, Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland and England.

8. I love to sing.

9. I love the solitude of empty places that are usually busy, like churches and schools.

10. I was married at a re-enacting event.

11. I like things to neat and tidy, but have horrible discipline keeping them that way.

12. I have been to the Louve.

13. I would like to visit Washington DC.

14. I like to play sports that do not require teamwork.

15. I like spoon rings.

16. My brother and myself are almost exactly the same age difference as my children are from each other.

17. I have attended a professional hockey game and baseball game.

18. I scrapbook.

19. I am faithful, patient and sometimes hopeful.

20. Gray, rainy days make me happy.

21. Degas is my favorite painter.

22. The ringtone on my phone is bagpipes playing Marie’s Wedding

23. I have 2 piercings in each ear- and I got the second hole pierced twice.

24. I have huge respect for people who can read music and play a musical instrument.

25. I don’t drink alcohol anymore, but when I did I preferred mead and rum.

26. I don’t  have a tattoo.

27. If I did get a tattoo – and I’m not saying that I am – it would be something celtic-y with my children’s names.

28. I love lists – they make me feel like I have some control.

29. I have a cat

30. Forsythia makes me sneeze.



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