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No Fiber Festival For You August 20, 2007

Posted by hollyspinner in book review.

The plan on Friday was simple and elegant.  Go the the Michigan Fiber Festival then report here, in this very spot, all the sheep I saw, fiber I petted, things I bought, and didn’t buy even though I really, really wanted.  But alas, due to circumstances beyond my control there was no fiber festival for me (insert long suffering sigh here).  Since there was no good liquer in the house I decided instead to drown my sorrows in knitting books, fortunatly I had just borrowed some from the public library. 

The first book I pulled out of the library bag was No Sheep for You by the fabulous Amy R. Singer of Knitty fame.  This book is written with clarity and wit.  It is divided, roughly, into three sections.  Section one is on all the wonderful non-wool fibers out there in the world.  I have to say that I learned something, (did you know that the hemp that we knit with is different than the happy hemp? I didn’t, not before I read it in this book that is.)  Section two is all about getting to know your yarn and why swatching is, in fact, not evil or even a waste of time.  The third section is all the patterns.  The patterns are interesting and varied.  Only one really cried out to be knitted by me (Bespoke: a half linen stitch jacket made from cotten/linen, which will be a great addition to the career wardrobe).   Overall this is a great book that is definitely going on my wish list and hopefully will be added to my library soon.




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