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I won and then some October 2, 2007

Posted by hollyspinner in Knitting, Life.

I Won

I won first prize in the Hill Country Sock Yarn sock contest.  I’ve been bursting to tell.  Hill Country is using the pattern in their sock club  , but you can’t get the pattern, because the club is closed.  The yarn however looks beautiful!  I have a pattern all ready for the next contest.  I just have to order the yarn.  I am kind of sad, though.  I didn’t have time get the first pattern actually tested, I just had someone proof it and there was a mistake (to which the company was not terribly happy about).  I hope this doesn’t hurt my chances in the next contest.

And then some

The other exciting thing that has happened to me is that I wrote an essay which the venerable Brenda Dayne accepted for her wonderful podcast Cast On.  I haven’t screwed up the courage to actually listen to it yet.  I have no problem putting my work out there in the big bad world, I just am a little nervous about it once it is actually there. 



1. jessica - October 8, 2007

Hey Holly,

Great essay! I’m over here in Germany and cued up the podcast for the very first time while i was doing dishes. I slipped and smashed a glass in the sink when I realized that I knew exactly what the essay was about, with some of the who’s and where’s and campfire smells.

I hope you, Holly, Dan and Kathy are all doing well. Love to all of you there.


ps. have fun with the cast-on, i know it’ll be a great pair of hose. 🙂

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