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Fits of Organization November 12, 2007

Posted by hollyspinner in Knitting.


With all of the sock knitting that has been going on lately, I’ve felt the need for a bit of organization, particularly with my dpns. Every time I start a new project (and it seems that I am starting new projects faster than I am finishing projects) I have to say to myself: “Where did I put that other #2” or “I wonder if I have another set of #1s” or “I know I have twenty-seven #3s, so why can’t I find a single one, grrr”. I have been resisting the urge to drive down to the local yarn store and just buy another set of whatever I need at the moment. So, in my vast stores of spare time I whipped up this little dpn roll. It is made out of cotton fabric that I have lying around the house.  (At one point I thought I might take up quilting.)   The pocket is reinforced with canvas so the needles don’t poke out the bottom.  Now all I have to do is find all my dpns and put them in a pocket. 


Oh, the reason I have twenty-seven #3 dpns is because I like to make beret/bonnets with them.

Remember: Veteran’s Day is not just a bank holiday.  For the freedoms we all enjoy, thank a veteran.



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