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Meet the Bunnies November 21, 2007

Posted by hollyspinner in Life, Spinning.

I am such an enabler. 

Last guild meeting a very nice lady had a very nice German cross angora rabbit for sale.  Now, I can’t go anywhere near angora rabbits as my respiratory system seems to take offence at their presence.   (After the wool has been shorn and washed I have no problem, go figure.)   My mother-in-law however already had three fuzzy rabbits:
Martin and the white one whose name I can never remember, (neither of whom would stand still long enough for me to snap a decent photo).

So, while we were at guild I kinda helped her want to buy the German cross (well, he was huge with lots and lots and lots of utterly dyable wool, really cute and a bargain to boot.)

Mr. Fuzzybunny. He looks more like a cotton ball now rather than a powder puff, as she sheared him, but still a cute cotton ball.



1. RRj - June 22, 2009

Nice rabbits, mainly “Mr. Martin”.

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