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Friends, Food, Fiber December 10, 2007

Posted by hollyspinner in holiday, Spinning.

We had our annual Christmas Party at Spinner’s Flock this weekend.  I always enjoy this event.  There is plenty of Christmas cheer for everyone.  Everyone sits around in their festive clothing spinning, knitting or doing something with fiber, and of course lots of fiber to purchase for other people, yea, right other people.


There is a raffle for lots of fibery goodness.  I did not win anything this year, but it is always fun to see what is up for grabs and the delicious anticipation of who’s going to get this or that.


 There was a gift exchange.  I love the way that it is done.  I have never seen this method anywhere else.  Each person ties a long string to their gift (this is quite appropriate seeing that it is a Spinner’s guild)  and the strings are pulled this way and that making a big mess.  Then when it it time for the exchange each person grabs an end and follows it to the gift.  I got a fabulous gift (it included chocolate and a cool handmade sheep pin).  There was food, oh was there food. 


Fiber people know how to set up a great spread.  Lots of sugar (cookies, brownies, cake, candy-I really like those little candies where there is chocolate on a waffle pretzel with a M&M on top), also some sandwichy things, cheese, crackers, meats, mmmmm good. As if that were not enough for one day, we decided that since there was a little more time than usual we would go up to The Spinners Loft in Howell (MI).  It is amazing how much great spinning stuff the owner can fit in such a cute little place.  They have a spindle room, really need I say more?  While we were there I got to try a Sonata.  I’m not looking for a new wheel but this is one that I thought would be interesting to own.  I also splurged on a bit of Tencel and a Wild Fibers magazine.  All in all it was a pretty good day. 



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