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Yarn where you least expect it December 13, 2007

Posted by hollyspinner in book review, Podcasts.

This is not a book review of a knitting book, it’s a mystery.  The path to this book is about as twisted as the plot.  Let me start at the beginning.  I am quite the bibliophile and not only enjoy reading but also enjoy listening to podcasts about books.  So one day I was lisening to Words at Large, CBC’s  (that’s Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for all of you south of the boarder) podcast about books and such.  I was listening to epidsode 80 where Ian Rankin (who, incidently, has the most amazing speaking voice) was being interviewed in front of a live audience.  He spoke with such pathos about Edinburgh, the city where his books are based, and about his main character John Rebus a Detective Inspector who does not play well with others and does not always follow the rules.  So I went to my local library looking for the first book Knots and Crosses but, alas, they did not have in thier collection.  I checked out Let it Bleed which was the earliest in the series that I could find.   It is a good police procedural with a whodunit and a colorful cast of characters.   I was reading along trying to figure out who did do it, when I happened upon chapter 29.  Rebus is looking for something.   He is checking out a building in Leith Walk interviewing various tennants.  One of the tennants is Combined Knitwear.  He goes in the shop and there is “Wool, Lots and lots of wool.”  and Detective Inspector John Rebus, who has to drink rather copiously in order to sleep dreamlessly, has a moment of peace.  It was such a lovely moment.  If you like a good whodunit with lots of twists and turns and don’t mind a bit of blood and swearing I would certainly recommend this mystery



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