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Happy Hot Cocoa Day February 14, 2008

Posted by hollyspinner in Knitting, Life.

First, you must know, my husband doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.  After eight years of marriage I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Valentine’s Day is going to bite each and every year (if he picked some other random day to be romantic every year, it might be ok, but he doesn’t and I’m done whining). 

But, this year Valentine’s Day totally rocked!  In honor of the awesome Hot Cocoa swap box I received in the mail today from Megan, I’m renaming today Hot Cocoa Day. 


Here’s what is in it:


  • A Grow my own mini rose kit.
  • A fabulous chocolate/Star Trek (the quote is by Deanna Troi) box with some great hedgehog beads. 
  • Two kinds of Cocoa.
  • 100_3103

  • Some stitch markers (one of them even has a hedgehog)
  • York Peppermint patties
  • A small crochet hook, perfect for crochet carrots and maybe even snowflakes.
  • Knit Picks sock yarn (that I have wanted to try)
  • A new knit hedgehog friend, who is nameless, at least until the daughter comes home.  She is really good at picking out names for things.
  • and the piece de resistance: A Midwives Taleby Laural Thatcher Ullrich.  I have wanted this book for some time now.

Oh, but wait there’s more.  While I was ripping into my fabulous hot cocoa box the doorbell rang.  It was my mother-in-law with a 2008 Pattern a Day Knitting Calendar from my Sister in Law.  Really, can this day get any better?



1. Katie - February 14, 2008

The hedgehog is seriously cute! What a nice package to receive.

2. Megan - February 14, 2008

I’m so glad you liked everything. I did some snooping and found your wish list on Amazon. I LOVE that book – enjoy.

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