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A bit of a break September 2, 2008

Posted by hollyspinner in Life.

Whew. What a trip.  The husband goes back to work today and I think he might be glad for the break, after a week of kitchen, kitchen, kitchen, camping, camping, camping.  We camped on Great Portage Lake in the Waterloo Recreation Area, which I would highly recommend.  We went with our church which meant that there were vaguely organized events that happened while we were out in the wide outdoors.
There was swimming and a sand castle contest.
This is my nephew’s castle, which did not win, but hey, a great life lesson and there is always next year. The beach is all about the sand for nephew #1.

There was also the almost obligatory marshmallows and s’mores (a cooking tip: pre-melt your chocolate just slightly, until it’s bendy and it will melt even with somewhat underdone marshmallows).
And there is a scavenger hunt where the daughter won this fashion statement. A lot of the events happened on Saturday, which was the daughter’s birthday so it was twice a special for her.

Yes that is the actual color of her skin. Let’s just say she got a little overdone in the sun, and yes I did try to keep sunscreen on her, unfortunately she inherited my lily white skin and I underestimated what sun and water can do.

For me this is what camping is all about. The beautiful sights and sounds of nature. I like nature, even if nature isn’t especially kind to me.


Kids say the darnest things:
“Comeon G I gotta show you something bAAAAAd.”
The something bAAAAAd turned out to a huge apple tree. When I asked directions to said tree I got the following.
“Go down the path until you hear banjo music, it’s right there.”



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