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But, but wait there’s more June 17, 2009

Posted by hollyspinner in book review, Knitting.

Due to baby and other stuff in my life I have basically ignored what is new out there in the fiber world at large.  So I was perusing the knitting section at my local library and found a new domino knitting book Vivian Hoxbro.  I loved her first book on domino knitting so much I actually own it.  The second book is just as wonderful as the first, explaining the idea behind the project, giving a lot of jumping off room for one to make their own pattern, which I love to do.  I am especially enamored with the sock/slipper pattern.  I really like knitting domino knitting, because it is a bunch of little pieces of knitting connected together without seaming.

Then, as if that wasn’t fabulous enough, I found another of my favorite knitting books Mason Dixon Knitting at a garage sale.  I was so excited.  Then the next week I go to the library and there is the next Mason Dixon Knitting book. In this book I found a project that neatly solves a problem I have.  The problem of too much undesirable wool – in natural colors.  Added bonus it has an easy steek, so I can learn steeking as well.



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