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Balance August 1, 2009

Posted by hollyspinner in Etsy, Life.

I have finally found some balance, in my photography that is.  In a fit of pique after having my Saturday plans completely annihilated by the husband’s boss who thinks it is just fine to call him in at the last possible moment, I decided to play around with some photography.  I want to take better pictures, and I think I can with the daughter’s camera, which is several years younger than mine. So to this end I have been flitting around the internet trying to picking up some tips and tricks.  Here is the one thing I have found to be the most helpful: white balance.

Before I thought in order to take a good picture, it had to be in the brightest light possible, which in my case would be direct sunlight.  I came up with pictures that looked like this:


While not all together bad, the color is washed out and the shadows are really distracting.

I took the subject over to the shade, still outside, changed the white balance and presto change-o much better pictures:





1. futuregirl - August 1, 2009

Yes indeed! The second set is better. 🙂 When my photos are all that great, I end up doing post-production on them in Photoshop to rebalance everything.

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