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Peace December 8, 2009

Posted by hollyspinner in Advent Calendar 2009, holiday.

May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!

~Author Unknown

A Little True Story

During World War I the men along the western front, both allied and German forces did not expect to get a Christmas holiday, but one could say that a small Christmas miracle happened on that day.  On Christmas Eve British and German soldiers began to sing Christmas carols to each other from their respective trenches.  Then on Christmas day the Germans came out of their trenches to no man land and called out Merry Christmas in English to the British soldiers.  Some feared it was a trick (they were at war after all), but when they realized that the German soldiers were not armed they also climbed out of their trenches to exchange Christmas greetings.  There were gifts given between enemies, cigarettes, plumb puddings and the like.  There was even one friendly game of soccer.  Some men put the truce to good use, retrieving the bodies of fallen comrades in arms.

Learn more about the Christmas Truce here

Five Places of Peace

1. Holding a sleeping baby

2. A clear night in the country

3. An empty church or school

4. Surrounded by loved ones

5. Christmas morning 5 am


Peace blocks

A Peace Pole

An origami crane

Peace lantern

Dove of peace from yogurt containers

A wish for peace Christmas card


Plant peace

Forgive your enemies

Find love at Christmas


Pecan lace cookies


Photos by LOLren and saebaryo



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