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Silver Wire Fusing January 28, 2010

Posted by hollyspinner in book review, Craft.
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Here is the second of the birthday books.  I am super excited about this one.  I have been contemplating jewelry making for some time now.  The idea of making jewelry springs from a place of thrift – it is cheaper to make it yourself.  There is also the idea that if I make it myself, it will be one of a kind and it will be perfect for me, because, hey, I made it.  Now there is all different techniques to make jewelry: stringing, cold connections, soldering and fusing to name a few.  This was the first instructional book that I have seen on fusing and I was curious to see what it was all about.

Silver Wire Fusing by Liz Jones is wonderful.  I love, love, love the projects.  I want to make them all, but it is the technique and the simple, easy way that it is explained that I am really fired up about (pun intended).   It looks like magic.  Fire, silver and a little imagination and viola beautiful jewelry.  The way the author describes the process in the beginning of this book is perfect “It’s a no-mess, no-fuss version of silversmithing that anyone can learn and enjoy.”  I am taking Ms. Jones words to heart.  The book is laid out in the usual fashion of instruction books.  It begins with laying out the basics tools and workspace, then a basic tutorial in fusing with some practice exercises.   The bulk of the book is a  cornucopia of beautiful projects.  It appears that the later projects build on the skills learned earlier in the book.  Each project clearly lists the necessary tools, materials and skills (along with the pages that explain that skill in detail).  Clear step-by-step instructions along with illustrative photos and hints provide a clear picture how to construct each project. The last few pages include an inspirational gallery, basic jewelry making techniques, a resource page and index.

I would definitely recommend the purchase of this book.



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