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The Art and Soul of Glass Beads review February 22, 2010

Posted by hollyspinner in book review, Craft, gold metal books.

This is my very favorite kind of book.  The kind that shares in the lives of artists and has inspiring pictures of the art.

The subtitle to The Art & Soul of Glass Beads by Susan Ray and Richard Pearce is “14 bead artists share their inspiration and methods.”  This book shares a little bit of each beadmaker’s life and journey.  The beginning of the book gives some glass bead theory.  What is the perfect bead – is there a perfect bead? There is two pages chronicling the how-to of making a bead, giving some great starting-out advice and fabulous resources.  Then the author jumps into the meat of this book, the artists and their art.  Each artist shares his/her story how they got into making glass beads and how that process and product has impacted their life.  With each artist is beautiful pictures of their beads alone and a piece of jewelry that utilizes their beads.  Each artist’s contact information is provided along with a bit of advice, a favorite, book, source of supplies or bead store.  The last few pages provide simple jewelry making techniques used to make some of the pieces.

This book is personable with so much information.  It is definitely a gold metal book.



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