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Tackling another car March 30, 2010

Posted by hollyspinner in Clean and Organizing, Life, Tackle it Tuesday.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This was our second dead car that we were living with.  The big part of this tackle was getting my hands on the title.  I knew we had it somewhere, but, alas I could not find it anywhere.  So we had to get it from the Secretary of State (it’s like a DMV but bigger).  To add confusion to chaos the car was only in the husband’s name and apparently the Sate of Michigan believes in having the most inconvenient times to be opened – i.e. all the hours he was at work, and yes, you have to go in person to request these things.   So after some research I came up with a solution: a paper form signed by him empowering me to request this title.  So I took the paper and the baby (who demonstrated his very best monkey impersonation for the entire time we were there) and got the title.  Yep, two days later I found the original, in some random folder while I was cleaning.

No Car

Cleaning out clutter one thing at a time.



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