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Tackling Laundry April 13, 2010

Posted by hollyspinner in Clean and Organizing, Tackle it Tuesday.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I have several projects around the house just screaming out to be tackled, but, alas today I am tackling laundry.  With Easter, Spring Bread and the little Dude’s birthday some of the daily housework has gone undone.  This includes laundry.

You know when it is time to do laundry when…

  • Your choice of shirts are either the paint spattered shirt or the ancient workout shirt.
  • The husband is wearing good argyle socks under his work boots.
  • The daughter asked if she could wear the flower girl skirt – from four years ago.
  • When told “no” to the too short skirt the daughter proceeds to ask if purple patterned pants go with orange pattern, sleeveless shirt.
  • When it is pointed out to the daughter that she can’t wear sleeveless shirts to school the wail goes up “but I don’t have anything to wear”
  • When the baby has worn the same outfit for longer than 24 hours.

When I do laundry I pre-treat stains, then I  throw everything in the washing machine and hope for the best.  I do try to get the clothes folded with in a day, so the wrinkles don’t set in too badly.  It helps that we really are a jeans and tee shirt kind of family – well that, and my husband is whiz with the iron.


Do you have a favorite tip or trick when it comes to laundry?  Go ahead share it in the comments.

Clearing out clutter – and laundry – one thing at a time.



1. MageeMommy - April 13, 2010

Oh favorite tip or trick for laundry? I pretend it doesn’t exist until I’m just about out of bath towels. Ok, maybe not a tip or trick unless you’re a procrastinator like me! Then it’s a great tip. LOL

That’s a funny list… you know it’s time to do laundry when… ha!

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