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Fly Ornament June 13, 2010

Posted by hollyspinner in creative boot camp, Photography.

It is day 7 and 8 of boot camp.  I am so very glad that Maegan chose to put the two days together, it gave me time to reconstitute after Friday’s craziness.

Today I went to The Village to take my photos – I had some ideas about ornament that were there. But first things first.

Yesterday’s prompt was “fly”.  I had so many ideas, swings, birds, bugs, and clouds – in the end some lessons were learned and the final product was something that I hadn’t even thought of.

Lesson learned:

  • birds are fast
  • so are bugs

Today’s prompt is ornament.  I have to admit this one gave me pause.  Of course my first thought was Christmas Ornament, but I really want to try to be inspired by the prompt and not be so literal.  After pondering I decided to find some personal ornament.  This is what I came up with:



1. Candi - June 13, 2010

Great interpretation of ornament…they’re beautiful!

2. Artwork By Deanna - June 13, 2010

Beautiful hair combs. I’ve always loved ornate hair combs but have extremely thin hair and they either don’t stay in, or they show through my pitifully thin strands of hair. lol.

3. BettyAnne - June 13, 2010

So — I am not the only one whose first thought on the prompt ‘ornament’ was to go digging in the Christmas boxes : ) I do like what you came up with — I love how every one interprets each day a little differently.

4. Leanna Lozano - June 14, 2010

Cool pics! I love your ornaments; hair combs are so cool!

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