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A Crochet Carrot January 21, 2008

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Here is a carrot that I held out in front of myself for doing some house cleaning.  It is from Amigurumi by Elisabeth A. Doherty (check out the gallery on her website).  I so want to make one of the animals in this book for my secret pal, but I do not know if my crochet skill level is quite there yet.  That and I have all kinds of gorgeous handspun wool yarn, not so much acrylic, which is what really works with these amigurumi. 


I CAN Crochet November 5, 2007

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They’re not much to look at, but those two swatches brought me great joy the other week, here’s why:

I learned to chain when I was 5 years old.  I can chain with the best of them, however there is only so much that one can do with chains.  Fast-forward fifteen years, my room mate in college taught me how to make a fabric with a crochet hook and yarn, it was a very dense fabric.  I used an entire ball of yarn to make one small pouch (I still keep my crochet hooks in it.  I thought it was appropriate).  Fast forward ten more years.  At my Monday night knitting group I casually mention that I had always wanted to learn how to properly crochet and this absolutely lovely woman offered to teach me if I’d just bring a crochet hook and some yarn. (Incidently, I ended up teaching her how to do intarsia, so we really learned from each other.) Which brings us to the present and the lovely swatches up top.  She taught me how to do a single, double, triple crochet and how to crochet a circle.  I am so happy. 

I have two reasons for wanting to crochet:

1. Crochet snowflakes: I don’t know why I have always loved them. I buy them whenever I go to craft shows and every time I spend $5.00 or so on one I think,  this really can’t be that hard. 

2. Crochet rag rugs.  I saw one in a library book once, made out of old tee shirts and ever since I wanted one for my bathroom.  I have since also seen them made with old bedsheets.  I bought the super-big crochet hook, but still hadn’t a clue how to do it…until now.  Oh, as if these reasons weren’t enough there was this.  I know the rug maker and for a year or so now have watched her make these beautiful rugs, and you know I do have seven pounds of natural colored roving sitting out in the porch….

Oh happy, happy crochet day.