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Balance August 1, 2009

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I have finally found some balance, in my photography that is.  In a fit of pique after having my Saturday plans completely annihilated by the husband’s boss who thinks it is just fine to call him in at the last possible moment, I decided to play around with some photography.  I want to take better pictures, and I think I can with the daughter’s camera, which is several years younger than mine. So to this end I have been flitting around the internet trying to picking up some tips and tricks.  Here is the one thing I have found to be the most helpful: white balance.

Before I thought in order to take a good picture, it had to be in the brightest light possible, which in my case would be direct sunlight.  I came up with pictures that looked like this:


While not all together bad, the color is washed out and the shadows are really distracting.

I took the subject over to the shade, still outside, changed the white balance and presto change-o much better pictures:




Etsy Update – Stomach Flu Sale January 26, 2009

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I have been silent for a little while getting my ducks in a row and being sick.  Since the only things that I have been doing for the last four days is sleeping, trying to eat enough to nourish me and the baby, trying not to vomit and feeling generally unwell instead of creating, taking pictures and updating the shop, I have decided to have a Stomach Flu Sale.

From January 26 – February 1, 2009 everything in the

shop will be shipped for FREE!

We have some great cards, perfect for Valentines Day or just an encouraging note Check it out at hollyspinner.etsy.com

Just a side note:  I Really, really don’t recommend the stomach flu to anyone, but especially pregnant women.  This has been the weirdest sicknesses I have ever had.  Imagine for a minute your insides hurting, well like the stomach flu, now imagine some small thing also in there kicking at the hurting bits.  Actually it didn’t make it hurt any more, it was just a really bizarre feeling.  Going to the doctor today, hopefully all will be well.

Etsy Update – Paper December 29, 2008

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This week is all about changes.  We are moving all of the fibery/yarny/spinny/knitty stuff over to their very own shop.  You can check out the new shop at sheeptosweater.etsy.com.  I am also in the process of refining what I want the HOLLYspinner & IVY shop to be all about, stay tuned for more later.  I am so exited abou the brand spanking new banner/avitar/business card design that I ordered from Studio Chic Design.

An idea that I want to figure predominantly in the hollyspinner shop is the idea of recycling and reusing.  One great way that I have been doing this is with paper making.  That is what is in my shop this week.  This summer I bought a paper making kit from Paper Alice (who is absolutely amazing, and oh so helpful).  I set up a studio in my garage, but then the dead car had to go someplace and it got cold, so I am attempting to set up in my kitchen, it being warmer and no dead car.  Here is a sneak peek of what will be up in the shop this week:

Etsy Update – Totally Wired December 22, 2008

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I have been having so much fun playing with beads and wire. This week we have five fabulous abacus row counters, check them out at hollyspinner.etsy.com . (For instructions on using these fun counters, go the the previous blog entry.)

I was looking for that perfect model. Blitzen and the Mr. Sheep stood up.  Let me know which one you like.



How to Use an Abacus Row Counter December 21, 2008

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I’ve been making some of these great Abacus Row Counter.  It took me some time to figure out how to work these fun and beautiful counters.  Most counters are bracelets, but if you can get a counter with an lobster claw you can clip it to your knitting bag or belt loop or whatever. These row counters will count up to 99 rows.

Here is the break down

Starting out all of the beads will be on the same side as the small bead. As you count rows you will move beads from the side with the small bead to the side with the big bead.


Start using the small beads for single rows. (If you have two different color of beads, pick which bead you would like for the single rows and which color for the 10 row beads.) When you complete each row move one of the small beads from one side of the charm to the other.  In the photo below 4 rows have been worked.


Continue working until you have worked 9 rows.


On the tenth row move all 9 small beads back and move 1 large bead (representing 10 rows) forward.


Then continue moving the small beads over as rows are worked. In the picture below 12 rows have been worked.


Continue until you have used all of the big beads and small beads which will be 99 rows.

Etsy Update – All About Yarn December 15, 2008

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This week is all about yarn.  Here is a sneak peek at this week’s new offerings.