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Some plying March 29, 2010

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Some Spinning January 21, 2010

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I am finishing up some commission spinning.  The roving is gorgeous.   It is BFL dyed in greens and blues with a hint of gold.  Here are some pics:


Feeling a bit Irish March 5, 2009

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I was beginning a new yarn with random colors out of a bag of bits and pieces.  I looked up and realized I had just spun the flag of Ireland.


Tupperware eat your heart out. January 3, 2008

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The other week we (that is me, Kathy and Rebecca, aka White Pine Fiber Works) had a little party.  Now what is better than kitchen storage that burps?  Yarn, of course.  One of our dear friends asked if she could have a house party featuring our yarn.  It was a huge success!  Lots of people came and enjoyed the yarn frenzy.

yarn party2

yarn party5

yarn party3

Snow Day December 17, 2007

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So, we got a bit of snow yesterday(officially 10.5 inches with 2 feet drifts)


 And every school in four counties is closed today, including the daughter’s. 


I have been spending some of the enforced time in the house painting and assembling spindles. 



These are a new endeavor for me.  I did them mostly because I like to draw and paint, but they also spin great!  I put it down to the spoked design.   They are  for sale at the Etsy store, check it out.

Friends, Food, Fiber December 10, 2007

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We had our annual Christmas Party at Spinner’s Flock this weekend.  I always enjoy this event.  There is plenty of Christmas cheer for everyone.  Everyone sits around in their festive clothing spinning, knitting or doing something with fiber, and of course lots of fiber to purchase for other people, yea, right other people.


There is a raffle for lots of fibery goodness.  I did not win anything this year, but it is always fun to see what is up for grabs and the delicious anticipation of who’s going to get this or that.


 There was a gift exchange.  I love the way that it is done.  I have never seen this method anywhere else.  Each person ties a long string to their gift (this is quite appropriate seeing that it is a Spinner’s guild)  and the strings are pulled this way and that making a big mess.  Then when it it time for the exchange each person grabs an end and follows it to the gift.  I got a fabulous gift (it included chocolate and a cool handmade sheep pin).  There was food, oh was there food. 


Fiber people know how to set up a great spread.  Lots of sugar (cookies, brownies, cake, candy-I really like those little candies where there is chocolate on a waffle pretzel with a M&M on top), also some sandwichy things, cheese, crackers, meats, mmmmm good. As if that were not enough for one day, we decided that since there was a little more time than usual we would go up to The Spinners Loft in Howell (MI).  It is amazing how much great spinning stuff the owner can fit in such a cute little place.  They have a spindle room, really need I say more?  While we were there I got to try a Sonata.  I’m not looking for a new wheel but this is one that I thought would be interesting to own.  I also splurged on a bit of Tencel and a Wild Fibers magazine.  All in all it was a pretty good day. 

What a Weekend November 26, 2007

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Thanksgiving was…ok.  There were too many people in too little space.  The food was good, though.  I  had to make a double batch of deviled eggs due to the number of people.  There was a very interesting sweet potato dish with mashed sweet potato’s under a crust of apples and walnuts.  And cousin Sue made my all time mostest favorite pie: sweet potato and pecan mmmmmmm.

Then came Friday. Saturday was the big holiday sale and I had one day to finish off everything that needed finishing label and pack into the vehicle. Here is my proposed schedule (in regular words) and what really happened (in italics).

6:30 wake up (this actually happened, luring me into a false sense of  this day will work out ok)

7:00-8:00 Quickly run down to Kohls to by the husband Converse Chuck Taylors to replace the ones that died some time ago (Ran down to Kohls, didn’t find any, no not a single Chuck Taylor, laughed at the people in line that went all the way around the store.  I don’t know that I have ever needed anything so badly that I wanted to stand in a line that long.  Went home, called 3 other Kohls stores, nary a Chuck Taylor to be found except for one display model, in the wrong size.)

9:00-1:00 Re-skein yarn (this actually happened)

1:00-3:00 Finish off the shawl pins by making the backs out of polymer clay and maybe make some stitch markers (this also actually happened, although there were many exhortations of “I really need a craft room”)

stitch markers


3:00 – 10:00, or whenever I finished – Labeling yarn, stitch markers, ornaments, spindles and mini stockings. (and here is where it all went horribly, horribly wrong.  I made up my first 5 labels for yarn and pushed the print button.  One neat and tidy page of labels turned into two pages of mess.  I tried printing another file.  Then I called the husband, he said he would look at it when he got home.  He got home late, worked on it for an hour or so and deduced it was unfixable.  We ran down to Best Buy and bought another printed [this is the silver lining: if it hadn’t been Thanksgiving weekend we would have not gotten such a good deal on a printer].  It is now 8:00pm.  I  work for two hours on labeling then collapsed into bed only to get up 3 hours later to finish the labeling before going to the sale at 7:00am) 

The sale was good.  It is at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, which are utterly photoworthy.  I wanted to get some eye-candy photos but the only thing I can really do properly on 3 hours of sleep and half a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans is sit, stare off into nothing and spin, which is what I did. 

Sunday (the day of rest, or so I thought) I woke up with a gasp and the thought: today is the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we need to put up the Christmas Tree, ooohhhhnnnn there is no way the tree is going up today.  In my mad dash (for the last couple of weeks) to finish what I wanted to finish for the sale I have rather neglected some of the housework, that is to say in the place where we usually put the tree there is a large pile of stuff consisting of  old homework papers, yarn, junk mail, labels and who knows what else.  So I spent Sunday cleaning.  I’m going to spend a good amount of time today cleaning.  I will probably spend some time every day this week cleaning. In the hopes that next Sunday we can put up the Christmas Tree.

Meet the Bunnies November 21, 2007

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I am such an enabler. 

Last guild meeting a very nice lady had a very nice German cross angora rabbit for sale.  Now, I can’t go anywhere near angora rabbits as my respiratory system seems to take offence at their presence.   (After the wool has been shorn and washed I have no problem, go figure.)   My mother-in-law however already had three fuzzy rabbits:
Martin and the white one whose name I can never remember, (neither of whom would stand still long enough for me to snap a decent photo).

So, while we were at guild I kinda helped her want to buy the German cross (well, he was huge with lots and lots and lots of utterly dyable wool, really cute and a bargain to boot.)

Mr. Fuzzybunny. He looks more like a cotton ball now rather than a powder puff, as she sheared him, but still a cute cotton ball.

Spinning and Turning November 14, 2007

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A beautiful red yarn spun with bits of sparkly nylon. It’s hard to see in the picture but the bobbin on the left has raspberry sparkly nylon and the bobbin on the right has silver sparkly nylon.



I’m am still pretty new to wood turning. It’s soothing in the same methodical way that spinning is. These are destined to be the middles of some shawl pins. Oh, I guess that means I’m going to have to make a shawl.

New Math November 6, 2007

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1 bobbin of single silk + 1 bobbin of single silk


= 1 beautiful silk yarn.

This was a handpainted silk brick in shades of fuschias, peaches and purples.  I usually spin for the joy of spinning, but for this yarn (or should I say thick thread) I have several small projects in mind: some woven ribbon, a bookmark or two and maybe even a Christmas ornament.

 Don’t Forget: Today is Election Day.  So exercise your right to Vote.  Remember: your community is run by those who show up.