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Things to do this summer June 23, 2010

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We are into the second week of summer, and I can honestly say that I have not heard those dreaded words of summer yet “I’m Bored”.  It helps that this week is Vacation Bible School, it also helps that we have a summer plan.

The daughter and I made a list of things we want to do this summer.  I was inspired by Meg over at Whatever.  Some of our activities are planned – cooking Wednesdays (Ivy is learning to cook one new thing each Wednesday), and Craft Friday where we do a planned craft together.  Some of our activities are more unplanned.  We have already completed two of the list.

  1. Bike Ride
  2. Visit to Ohio

This summer is looking hot.  I hope it will be fun as well.


smile June 18, 2010

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This is a great prompt and utterly appropriate for this last day of creativity boot camp.  I have learned a bit about myself and been inspired by the world around me – and I want to say my photography has improved a little bit too.

Today I took my camera with me in hopes of finding a smile in the most unexpected place.  I found this smile on the ground – actually it was just the mouth and 1 eye, but it looked smiley enough to me to catch my eye.


I am totally inspired by this commercial by American Express. It makes me smile.

smooth June 17, 2010

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I resisted – I know someday he will be an angst ridden teenager with a cool as a cucumber girlfriend – and things on the interwebs live forever – so I resisted the urge to photograph the baby’s bottom.  Instead I tried to think of something else that is smooth.  For a while I was stumped, then I thought “well sometimes they say that whiskey is smooth”, but we don’t have any whiskey, we do have rum in the house so that is what I photographed.  (hmmm, it seems like alcohol is quite the theme for me this week)


Hush June 16, 2010

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Have you ever had one of those days when it seems like everything around you is telling you the same thing?  Yes this is one of those days for me.  Both Meagan’s words of wisdom and the post over on Scoutie girl on creative legacy, while not speaking in one voice, harmonize and resonate with what I am feeling. So in short

  • There is a reason for every experience – the good and the bad
  • Where I have been informs where I am going
  • It’s ok to be in this place at this time
  • Look to the future, don’t live in the past
  • Peace is possible

Today’s prompt was hush.  My brilliant idea was to take a photo of my beautiful baby napping, but as he is currently boycotting napping, except in the most un-picturesque places (i.e. the stroller, bike seat, and car seat) and at the most inconvient times (when I don’t have a camera available),  I convinced my beautiful daughter to pose for me.  It was a fun exercise for us both.


Some other ideas that I thought of for hush were an empty church, a forest glade or an empty classroom (that I always find have a preternatural silence to them), but again I went with what was available.

Full Bodied June 15, 2010

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I cheated a little bit with this one.  I really wanted to take new pictures every day, but I really wanted to do something with a  full-bodied wine.  As I don’t can’t drink, and all of the wine bottles that come into my possession tend to be de-labeled and flatted as quickly as possible – I currently have no wine on hand.  Soooo, here a picture from a couple of weeks past.

Full Bodied

Drizzle June 14, 2010

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It has been a gray, humid, cloudy day here and I was hoping it would drizzle, but I don’t think it will now.  Thwarted by the weather I turned to other kinds of drizzle and it being snack time I thought of food.


By the way, my daughter and I split this waffle for a satisfying afternoon treat.

Maegan shared this really cool video, and I thought I would pass it along.  Great waffle eating music.

Fly Ornament June 13, 2010

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It is day 7 and 8 of boot camp.  I am so very glad that Maegan chose to put the two days together, it gave me time to reconstitute after Friday’s craziness.

Today I went to The Village to take my photos – I had some ideas about ornament that were there. But first things first.

Yesterday’s prompt was “fly”.  I had so many ideas, swings, birds, bugs, and clouds – in the end some lessons were learned and the final product was something that I hadn’t even thought of.

Lesson learned:

  • birds are fast
  • so are bugs

Today’s prompt is ornament.  I have to admit this one gave me pause.  Of course my first thought was Christmas Ornament, but I really want to try to be inspired by the prompt and not be so literal.  After pondering I decided to find some personal ornament.  This is what I came up with:

Liquid June 11, 2010

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Oh. Today is the last day of school and I am toast.  The creative spirit is moving, but the desire to do is nil.

I love the journal prompt – breaking your own rules, going outside your own box.  This is so much fun to do.  I love trying new things and looking at old things in new ways.

So here is my picture for “liquid”.  I had so many great ideas but in the end it was what was available around the house that won out.


And in truth this really isn’t my style . I like clean crisp photos, but there is something, well, liquid to the blur.

-Edit- Ok this is evidence of how tired I am – the prompt is fluid not liquid, perhaps later I can think about what the differences are between but right now I am going to find some rest.

Grow June 10, 2010

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The random word prompt for toady is “grow”.  I went for the obvious plant route.


This plant is a favorite.  It is an Impatient, one of those throw away mother’s day flowers, sent home from preschool in an egg carton cup decorated with markers.  I kept it in a window and it never died, but instead it grew.  Repotted and repotted again, sometimes bits taken off and put in water to root like this one.

Heavy Metal June 9, 2010

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am so excited about today’s assignment.  Go out, take pictures, study pictures.

I was surprised at the number of really good pictures.  Some themes showed up in the work

  • Trees
  • Graphics
  • Patterns/Chaos
  • Nature – keep in mind I live in the city
  • Green

Our prompt for today was “heavy metal”.  This grate is all over our city (we live in a watershed) and every time I see it I think about water, where we get water, how we get water, what is actually in our water.  Definitely heavy thoughts from a simple metal storm drain.

Heavy Metal